I'm running on lack of sleep, plane food and a real desire to leave airports. It's been 18 hours and I'm waiting for the boarding call for EY19 to heathrow London. I feel gross, look just as bad and with a really huge desire to stand the 7-8 hours I'm about to embark on to my final destination.
If you are like me, distracted by pretty lights then you have to experience etihad as before the lights go out they change colours lighting up the cabin in a red glow, green and then blue before darkness. I was lucky that most of the trip was at night, I tried sleeping with the tablets I got from the doctors but alas do you think they worked? No! I also got the wrong dinner I asked for but I eat beef so there was no need to complain.
I think I slept for a total of 4 hours and that was the long leg so prepare for a long sleep in tomorrow.
I didn't think about Abu Dhabi currency as right now I could for a mocha (yes Frankie I'm getting into them).
Thankfully for free wi-fi at airports which is allowing me to type this on my phone while I wait the now 10 minutes wait.
Nothing exciting has happened so far other than when coming in the surprise of seeing sand everywhere, green and yellow being the only colours seen and no hills or mountains in sight.
Till London...




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