I'm traveling solo.
Till this year I had never gone without someone. Wagga and now London such a huge difference. I can't decide if I want to laugh or cry being so far away from my parents. I'll be with family so the thoughts about that are slightly silenced for the time being.
Hundreds and thousands of people pass through Sydney international airport each day, making me nothin more than another soul walking to my gate of destination.
Night time seems to make the place seem empty with more shops closed than what day would bring. A ghost town to some point.
I'm set up. Mocha already devoured with a short question from an old couple about coffee cups over take away ones plant a huge smile on my face.
A notice about technical difficulties for a flight to Hawaii at hate 55 makes me look ahead as I see the expressions in the distance of yet another wait.
25 minutes as more people gather around the noise level almost doubles and in minutes triples from what it was when I first sat down. People's who's lives in no way merge or intertwine with my own are suddenly so close to hearing and touching.
I'm not sure if my heart is beating faster or not from within my chest as I try and describe a feeling that seems fitting.
I do know my mind is racing that even the yen issue I picked up is not ready to be devoured completely from cover to cover only in glances.
I've written these words already in my travel diary and yet nothing feels real yet that I'm heading away from Australia, from family and friends for 10 weeks.
I thought of writing these entries to M, who's pictures of the two of us when we weren't so far apart remind me of all the happy moments and the many I have to look forward to when I return home. Each day that passes we are getting closer to seeing each other again and finally being able to celebrate our one year which falls on July 6th.
Boarding my flight now. Stay safe my love and my friends I will miss you all and will update you as best as I can for it is much a reminder for me as it is of knowing what I'm up to for you.



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