It's a feeling which seems almost impossible to explain. 
My thoughts feel like a memory, of another time in the past. 
Hard to comprehend that it only happened a few hours ago.
Those hours where I had everything I could possibly want and desire in this world were real. 
The love of a boy who has my heart and the short and brief few hours that I got to share with him.

For I hope those memories don't fade from me now.

Those sweet moments and stolen kisses which still make my heart beat faster and slower at the same time.
If I ask for anything in this life, I do so in keeping those memories with my love alive.
Three months starting from today, half a world away and never close enough. 
We shall see each other soon but for now all I can give you is my heart.
Keep it safe babe, I'll be needing it back when I return to you.



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