The plan was well thought out. Using the roads that were not blocked off because of the City 2 Surf we were going to park Jess' car and head to the markets. Bondi Markets which are on every sunday 
Every sunday but the day of the City 2 Surf apparently. 

It was not all in vain however! We enjoyed some Ben & Jerry's ice-cream thinking we would avoid the lines for the restaurants with the thousands of people lining up to eat something and everything.

Then we became tourists watching people come to the end of the line and finish the 14km race.

I would also like to point out the wonderful job my dear friend Sheyleigh Walsh did on her time of 1 hour and 31minutes; I know your mum would be so proud of you for doing so well. She also managed to raise over $5000 for cancer leading up to race and everyday I am so proud of how strong this girl is and the amazing things she is doing for cancer. Love you girlie. 

Finally finding a table to sit down at we both came to the conclusion that eating ice-cream first off was not the best idea on account we were still a little full from it. Either way we did a decent job at finishing our salads.

Maybe next time we head down there the markets will be on but one thing is sure about today...the weather was amazing and being the last month of winter here in Australia. I sure am looking forward to Spring!!!




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