Last week when I had my four wisdom teeth taken out I made a list.
It was a list of things to do while I was stuck on a liquid diet craving a big pizza to eat. I knew I needed to keep doing something other than watching countless movies that I have in my collection.

  • Read the next game of thrones book (did it in 4 days)
  • Finish one of my assignments (did it in one day)
  • Write a bit (wrote 2000 words)
  • Catch up on Pretty Little Liars and True Blood (done)
  • Draw something (below)

I'm no artist but for a while now I have wanted to work on improving from my stick figures. Finding faces the hardest part to draw I knew I was setting myself a challenge trying to draw a 'good' eye - or at least an improvement from my normal attempts.

I didn't plan on drawing more than an eye but it was looking a little alone on the page that I tried to draw a nose but it ended up a little big...

Hey I never said I was a great artist.

Now I just need to work on improving more and more - if I can ever find the time again to spend on art. Not to mention motivation.




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