It's really beginning to feel like Spring is on its way now. 
I'm loving it!

With temperatures hitting above 20 degrees (68 fahrenheit - thank you google for that translation) you wouldn't think that this was the cold winters that had chilled us to the bone in recent years that had us screaming for thicker materials. Australia is not hot all year round readers (unless you live in Townsville like my boyfriend does and then you can correct me on that point) which normally leaves us layering up to stay warm. 

I for one wished I had bought my swimmers today while out to lunch with my mum in Coogee just near Bondi Beach. I did the best I could though to try and soak up some sun. Please excuse my pants for making my bum look a lot bigger in this photo though :P

Sports top: Running Bare
Pants: Tigerlily

I even managed today to get a little bit of exercise in this arvo a little bit closer to my home though with one of my best friends Matty. Thankfully I got a few in the hoop so not to make a complete fool out of myself and the others on the court. I'm just not going to be a great basketball player anytime soon! It was great fun though already have plans to do it again :)

Here's to some post summer workout forming



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